Nexus Family

Currently under development, our main range of products are all based on our Nexus Family project. Designed to be a completely modular system for running both web based and offline software, you can fit the modules together in any combination to fulfil your needs. The core and common modules form the basis of all Nexus products and as such do not offer much functionality by themselves. On top of those modules, as well as our CMS known as the Modular Site Management System (MSMS) our main products are built. Currently these are Nexus Panel, which is a complete web hosting control panel, as well as NexusBill and NxCart which are for billing and running online stores respectively (both of these also work in Nexus Panel to include a full billing and shopping system inside the control panel).

We plan to start running some of our public services through Nexus Family products in early 2018 and then expand the services that they cover over time until the public release of the software. This area of our website will be greatly expanded over time as we get closer to release. For the moment, it only includes basic information on the products.

Our download area includes a directory of Nexus Family downloads, including all the installers and individual module downloads for advanced users, however most of these are not publically available yet. Some will become available to private beta testers soon and will be released to the public over time. For information on current and future beta testing, please see our beta testing page.