Legacy Products

On this page you can find our public products that are no longer under development. The Helm addon products on this page are extensions for the Helm Control Panel v3 product that was sold by WebHost Automation and is now owned by Parallels. As Helm 3 has not been under development in many years, and support was officially ended at the end of 2014, we are no longer supporting our addon products.

The products are still available to download and will still function. However, in July 2014, Red Fox Addons (who sold the licences for our Helm addon products) turned off their licence server without warning. This had resulted in the products being unable to licence themselves, and disabling functionality. Although the licencing server was restored later in 2014, we released patches for our products so that they function without a licencing server. These patches are still available in our downloads area.

To download our products, please visit our downloads area.