Consulting Services


With a wide range of experience we can provide advice and services relating to development, hosting, server administration, support and other technical areas. These services are not fixed and we will consider any suitable request, so it is best to contact us to discuss your individual needs.

Some examples of previous services that we have provided to customers include:

  • Initial setup and configuration of Windows servers for a variety of needs, including shared web hosting, single websites, mail servers and others.
  • Maintainance of servers on a one-time or ongoing basis, including the installation of new or updated software.
  • Migration of data and services between servers, for example for hardware or software upgrade.
  • Helping with support queries that a company has received and are unsure about, or answering their customers directly through a helpdesk or similar interface.
  • Developing tools and solutions to integrate new software and services with existing infrastructure including control panels (please see our development services for more information).
  • Other development assistance (please see our development services for more information).

These are just examples of the services that we can provide, it would be impossible to list all the possibilities, so please contact us with your individual needs so that we can discuss them with you.