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Nexus Deployment

Please note that the downloads in this section are for advanced users only. They consist of individual module downloads for Nexus Family products in Omega2 format and require knowledge of Nexus Deployment in order to make use of. If you are looking to download products normally, please visit the main Nexus Family download area to view possible downloads. If you have an existing installation of a Nexus product and are looking to add a module onto it, or to update a module, you can do this using the module manager that the product provides.
Coming SoonNexus Build CI Server

Nexus Build CI Server

The continuous integration server for Nexus Build can be used to automatically build Nexus powered products on a central server and automatically send them to a distribution server for use.
Coming SoonNexus Build Console Application

Nexus Build Console Application

The console application for Nexus Build allows for building the source of Nexus products from the command line. Designed for use locally during development, before the source is committed to source control for building by the CI server.
Coming SoonNexus Build Library

Nexus Build Library

The main library for Nexus Build that contains all the system nodes and repository support required by the CI server, command line application and any other products that make use of the build system.
Coming SoonNexus Build Plug In: .Net Reactor

Nexus Build Plug In: .Net Reactor

Provides Nexus Build with support for running assemblies through code protection using .Net Reactor from Eziriz.
Coming SoonNexus Build Plug In: Microsoft Development

Nexus Build Plug In: Microsoft Development

Provides Nexus Build with functionality relating to developing with Microsoft products, especially the .Net framework and MSBuild.
Coming SoonNexus Build Plug In: Sandcastle

Nexus Build Plug In: Sandcastle

Provides Nexus Build with functionality relating to Sandcastle, a help file builder used to build documentation for assemblies.
Coming SoonNexus Build Plug In: Utilities

Nexus Build Plug In: Utilities

Provides Nexus Build with miscellaneous functionality, including ZIP support, IIS start/stop control, command line, SVN support, node key generation and deploying repositories.
Coming SoonNexus Build WinApp Interface

Nexus Build WinApp Interface

The Windows application interface for Nexus Build used with Nexus Studio and internally by some products.
Coming SoonNexus Deployment Library

Nexus Deployment Library

Provides deployment support to applications, including updates and installation of new modules. Can deploy an application or other product from a Nexus Distribution server or local files.
Coming SoonNexus Deployment Windows Client Interface

Nexus Deployment Windows Client Interface

Provides a Windows based graphical user interface for the Nexus Distribution library. Can be used by any Windows based Nexus application to allow users to install and update modules.
Coming SoonNexus Distribution Library

Nexus Distribution Library

The main library for Nexus Distribution, which uses the File Storage module to provide a directory of Omega modules for use in Nexus products. Can be connected to from the Nexus Deployment library to download these modules and handle updating.
Coming SoonNexus Distribution Manager Console Application

Nexus Distribution Manager Console Application

The console application for Nexus Distribution allows for connecting to nodes with a distribution module and browsing the items available, downloading items and releasing them to different groups of users through different release types.
Coming SoonNexus Distribution to Nexus Build Connector

Nexus Distribution to Nexus Build Connector

A connector for NexusBuild that will allow for the distribution of modules that are built, through Nexus Distribution.
Coming SoonOmega2 Bootstrapper

Omega2 Bootstrapper

A bootstrapper to start the installation of Nexus environments from a source of Omega files, either located locally or on a distribution server. Can be used by advanced users to deploy their choice of modules, or is used internally by the product installers. This version is in Omega format and can not be called directly, it is only for deployment. If you need a copy to use, please use the EXE version.