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Core and Common Libraries

Please note that the downloads in this section are for advanced users only. They consist of individual module downloads for Nexus Family products in Omega2 format and require knowledge of Nexus Deployment in order to make use of. If you are looking to download products normally, please visit the main Nexus Family download area to view possible downloads. If you have an existing installation of a Nexus product and are looking to add a module onto it, or to update a module, you can do this using the module manager that the product provides.
Coming SoonNexus Applications

Nexus Applications

A base library for most Nexus Applications. Does not provide any functionality by itself.
Coming SoonNexus Burst Library

Nexus Burst Library

The Nexus Burst Library provides functionality to other libraries and applications to handle notifications and other distributed data
Coming SoonNexus Cache Heap Library

Nexus Cache Heap Library

The Cache Heap library provides a form of cache to some other Nexus libraries. It also includes a caching communication layer for distributed products.
Coming SoonNexus Central

Nexus Central

The Nexus Central module is a fully featured database driven user provider that supports public registration, login, distributed session management and many other features.
Coming SoonNexus Console User Interface Library

Nexus Console User Interface Library

A library of standard user interface features for Nexus console applications, including a connection and login box and a console implementation of Nexus User Input Framework (NUIF).
Coming SoonNexus Core Library

Nexus Core Library

The Nexus Core library is used by all applications and libraries that make use of Nexus functionality. Includes all the basic features such as node hosting, communication, modules and message dispatching. Also includes Nexus Directory Service (NDS), Nexus Data System, Logging, Nexus User Input Framework (NUIF), User Framework, Minimal User Component, SharedKey Provider and Utility Classes. Included connectors are Loopback, Shared Host, HTTP, HTTPS and TCP. Included prehandlers are Standard Asymetric, Timestamp and Callback. For documentation and information, please see the Nexus Software Development Kit (SDK).
Coming SoonNexus Country Location Images

Nexus Country Location Images

A library that provides flag images for representing different countries in a graphical user interface.
Coming SoonNexus Database Library

Nexus Database Library

The Nexus Database Library provides abstraction features for different database management systems. Includes full schema management support to install and update the database schemas.
Coming SoonNexus File Transfer Library

Nexus File Transfer Library

The Nexus File Transfer Library provides functionality to other libraries and applications to transfer files between Nexus nodes in either direction.
Coming SoonNexus Messaging Library

Nexus Messaging Library

The Nexus Messaging Library provides support for sending messages via various communication services through plugin providers. A single message can be sent to users via many different services. Includes support for sending newsletters when used with other products, such as MSMS.
Coming SoonNexus Scheduler Library

Nexus Scheduler Library

The Nexus Scheduler Library handles the scheduling of tasks to occur on a regular basis, such as every day, few hours or few minutes. Used by a number of products and other libraries to schedule their recurring tasks. By default, includes tasks for scheduling tasks from the core library such as session management and log file clean up.
Coming SoonNexus Script Library

Nexus Script Library

The Nexus Script library provides a complete implementation of a compiled scripting language used in various Nexus products, including in Nexus Templating.
Coming SoonNexus Templated Messaging Library

Nexus Templated Messaging Library

The Nexus Templated Messaging Library combines the Nexus Messaging Library and the Nexus Templating Library to allow messages to be sent using templates with full scripting support.
Coming SoonNexus Templating Library

Nexus Templating Library

The Nexus Templating Library provides other products with a full scripted templating engine for changing the design and content of the products that use it.
Coming SoonNexus Windows User Interface Library

Nexus Windows User Interface Library

A library of standard user interface features for Nexus windows forms applications including a standard login form and a windows forms implementation of the Nexus User Input Framework (NUIF).
Coming SoonOmega2 Library

Omega2 Library

Provides packing and unpacking functionality for Omega2 pack files (.omg). Used by Nexus Distribution to distribute modules for Nexus.